Friday, June 10, 2011

Covers for Ariwriter

Here you go :)


Not My Life

Roses by the Lake

Trapped Innocence



Today, I had one.

It was not pretty.

I cried for the first time at school, the first time in front of my friends, and the first time in front of a teacher (that wasn't my mum--Yr 7 teacher :/ Imagine having your mum teach you safe contraceptive and how to put on a condom. That's. Awkward).

Most embarrassing thing of my far.

And what over? Stress. A whole build-up of stress that had curled itself into a tight little ball--a bit like a bomb.

School-work, my upcoming holiday and all the stress of reorganizing due dates, renovation, my English teachers absence and how I'd only be at school on Tuesday next week all contributed to my break down.

Next time, I don't want to collapse into tears. I don't want my little stress bomb to even THINK of blowing up.

So, if anyone actually reads this, do you have any ways that you help relieve stress?