I have a Tonka truck full of projects, but these are the ones I care about.

The Magician's List

Novel. (maybe 1st out of 3)
At around: 45k

Inkpop Pitch:
Magic used to be a gift. Now it's a death warrant.
Eva Eisler had a relatively normal life until the night of the Ball. In that one night, she lost everything.
Her family, her friends, the boy she wanted. Her job, her town, her respect. Her right to life.
Now Eva’s running to stay breathing, along with every Magician in the country. But hiding isn’t easy on a country made up of Islands.
And when the old magic begins to resurface, bringing back powers and beings that were told to be nothing more than fairy tales, it becomes that much harder. With the assistance of two mysterious siblings, one selfless prince and a sneaky queen or two, will Eva manage to defy the world she loves and keep herself alive?
Eva’s life had never been average. Not as a Magician. 
But it was never meant to be like this.

Short story.At around: 2k

(Note: This is something I'm working on for an AusLit comp!)

On-the-spot summary:
 Through new advances, scientists can now extract and replicate traumatic memories before the eyes of a patient and make it seem like they've travelled back in time. By doing this, they are forcing the patient to face their trauma head on and eventually conquer it. It's called Recovery. At the end of it, the patient's memories are wiped of the torturous events as to not stop the Institute from helping people. Lara Adams is one such patient.
Lara has been through hell. She's watched her brother die--over and over again. And all in the name of Science.
But she's not going to take it anymore. She's going to free herself.
But at what cost?

In Gallipoli

At around: 4k

On-the-spot summary:
Seventeen year old Moira Delaney is a Time Traveller. She's sent back in time regularly on missions. They can be as small as bumping into a man or as big as seducing a governor. As long as it's written in the book. This time, Moira is sent back to August 1914, to nudge a man with second doubts into boarding the ship bound for Gallipoli via Egypt. Too easy. But then she gets a call and she has to hunt down another man, another one bound for Gallipoli. Only problem? He doesn't want to go.