Monday, September 12, 2011

What day is it again?

I am not very good with dates. Due dates, birthday's, excursions...all of them!

For those invisible spirits that lurk around this abandoned blog, you may have used your ingenuity and keen eyes to already figure this out. It's also super obvious, if you check out the archives.

I just really, really suck at it. Homework, writing, blogging, permission forms, phone calls to people I rarely see (even if they're my best friend!). My school planner lies in my school bag, unused and probably feeling really useless and depressed (sorry, planner). I have at least three calenders given to me by friends, all of which are floating around my room searching for a purpose. Not even the Buffy calender, or the Dolly calender with all the hot guys on it, will get any attention from me. It's a sorry state of affairs.

I have a Humanities essay due on Wednesday. I'm writing about Australian Prime Ministers and how they've affected the world before, after and during their term. It's really interesting. Six of our PM's were in the war. One was a doctor and another had to get all these plastic surgery after crashing in Singapore as a fighter jet. Go us. Anyway,the point here is that although I'm kind of liking my topic (even though it's got politics in it) I didn't start writing it properly, as in typing meaningful words on abused keyboard, until today. I had notes, yeah, but I lost them and didn't bother trying to re-research them all until this arvo.

And I have a band concert tomorrow night in which I shall WOW the audience from 7pm onwards! If that other clarinetist doesn't show up which'll probably happen, he hardly ever comes, I will have to solo the melody all by my lonesome in front of the school and the hot saxophone players. *sigh* It's a huge chunk of time, concerts, and I KNOW this, but I still thought "Nahh, I'll keep procrastinating doing this essay because I am clearly superhuman."

Yeah, no. The future looks none too bright for me.

*slams head against brick wall*

Pray for me.

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