Saturday, July 30, 2011

Short Story Anthology

Some of you might know a lovely Australian called Sharon. She's recently had a short story published in the AusLit Reviews Basics of Life anthology, but you might know her better through the writing site inkpop.
Since I found out about AusLit Review I've been trolling their website and I found this.

A science-based Australian anthology call for submissions.
I'm going to enter. I've got till New Years Eve to submit my 4-10k short story and I'm pushing everything else aside to work on it.

I've had a lot of ideas for this and for some reason they've all revolved around scents.

Original Idea: perfuming assassin. Perfuming = chemistry. 
Why I'm not using it? Spray bottles weren't invented until late 20th century and in 1993 the production and selling of poisons in Australia as well as 165 other countries were axed. I'm not enough of a history buff to set a story in a specific year between the two events.
I could have always set it way back in time, but that would mean no spray bottles and I'd have to use essential oils and that kind of thing. Rubbing perfume into gloves and other stuff. Also not enough of a history buff for this. Idea terminated. 

I went along a long line of variations from this idea and eventually got to this:

In the near future scientists have developed drugs that can--

Shoot, I've got to go. I'll finish this post later.

Ciao ciao. 

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