Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Electives and Dumb Schools

I’m starting Year 10 next year and I’m about to submit my elective choices.
I’m an Acie, meaning I’m in the ACE class. Accelerated Learning and all that shizz. I think for Americans, you have an AP class? All my classes would be AP if I were American.
Anyway, my school is


I’m raging here. I’m not affect by its stupidity—but everyone else is.
I’m probably confusing you. Let me explain.

Our electives for next year are divided into three groups: A, B and C. ORIGINAL.

Anyway, A is meant to be subjects that go under Design, Creativity and Technology. Food Tech, Textiles, Xbox Gaming, Micro robotics and all that stuff no one cares about (sorry, that’s mean.) Almost no one wants to do any of these subjects.

B is Arts and Drama.  Everyone loves this group. There’s Photography, Media, Drama, Music Performance and all that brilliant stuff everyone wants to do!

C is brilliant also! Italian, and all the VCE subjects our keen minds are PUMPED FOR.
Problem? We have to choose one from group A and one from group B. C is optional. There’s a maximum of two electives from each group.

*cue intense rage*

It’s like yeah, we get that you want us to have a    b r o a d    range of subjects and not totally narrow down our options. But we know what we do and don’t want to do.  We DON’T want to be FORCED into doing a group A subject that brings us NO PLEASURE AT ALL and will probably permanently scar us and OPPRESS our young impressionable minds. It’s a waste of time being made to do a subject we don’t want to do when we can study something we know will help us and we want to do.
Me? I’m right. Because I’m doing Italian I’m exempt from this dumb as goats rule. But nearly all my friends are suffering from this rule.

People are getting serious about moving schools if things don’t change. It’s getting so bad, they want to go to the feral school. Yeah, it has a FABULOUS range of electives but it has no uniform and the kids there are feral, bogan and wear slutty sports uniforms.


But our school is dumb. So things won’t change. And everyone will leave. And I’ll be alone.

Oh, and why is doing Italian make you exempt from the dumb rule? you ask.
We get 5 elective spots. We’d have 6 but General Science takes up one and that’s compulsory.
We get the choice of doing VCE or VET subjects next year, too. Acies do at least one, because our Humanities class is replaced by some dumb VCE Australia and Global Politics thing that has next to no history in it—the only thing I like about Hum..
 But because they’re year-long subjects (VCE) they take up two spots. Cool. I have3 spots left.

Italian is a year-long subject, too. A two-spot sucker. And if you want to do LOTE in Years 11 and 12, you have to do Italian in Year 10. Fair enough, bro.
That’s 1 elective left.

If you have to do a group A and B subject, you can’t. You only have one spot. So the rule is cancelled in this situation.

Electives I’m doing next year (hopefully):
VCE Literature (with VCE Psychology as back-up)
Music Performance (with Media as back-up)

I have less electives this year than last year but whatevs.

My rant is complete. 


  1. Your school isn't the only one. The school my sister is attending (in the USA) is fond of sticking her in classes she has no use for. I hope it all works out and that your year goes well!

  2. I guess that's some consolation. We think things are going to work out. Last year we petitioned for Italian to not be compulsory just for the ACE class and that worked out well for both sides :)