Sunday, May 22, 2011


What is Spiraling you ask?

Well, I kinda just made it up.

But it's when you begin to lose interest in your book. Suddenly your characters are boring, annoying, way too chirpy to be a teenager or just plain flat. Your plot has so many holes it might as well be a piece of Swiss cheese, and your ending is fuzzier than a buzz cut (<-Yeah, I know that makes no sense ._.)

Your book is slowly, but surely, spiraling down and down and down and down until it hits the ground, and you can't even look at it anymore. You're slowly losing interest in it, and soon you don't care about whether or not it falls.

Cheringue got a severe case of the Spiral earlier this year. Izzy seemed to bright and happy for a girl whose life was pretty much trashed, and there wasn't enough going to on to make it to a decent ending.

The thing with Spiraling is that how do you know which projects to pick up and which ones to leave on the floor?

Look at them, study them. Do you care about what happens? Chances are if you don't care, neither will your reader.

And remember, not all projects should be picked up and polished. Some are better left on the floor.

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